Law School Student Affairs Toolkit

Welcome to the NALSAP Law School Student Affairs Professionals Toolkit, a just-for-members online collection of resources that are in the process of being created, curated, and shared by members of the NALSAP community. Here you can explore a wide range of helpful resources ranging from orientation to graduation and everything in between.


Toolkit Categories


Content Curator Needed


Advising & Communicating with Students
Content Curator Needed



Academic Success & Bar Prep
Content Curator Needed


Mental Health & Wellness
Updated 1/2/2020

Diversity & Inclusion
Under Development

Supporting Special Populations
Under Development



Student Leadership & Professional Dev.
Updated 1/2/2020


Student Organizations
Content Curator Needed

Working Collaboratively Across Campus
Updated 1/2/2020


Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Issues
Under Development



Student Conduct
Content Curator Needed

Bar Admission
Content Curator Needed

Content Curator Needed


Updated 9/30/19


Content Curator Needed


Professional Development
for Us

Updated 9/30/19

 Wellness for Us
Updated 1/2/20

How to Engage in Scholarship,Research & Teaching
Content Curator Needed


Content Curators

NALSAP has developed an initial list of categories to help organize the toolkit materials.
Selected volunteers are serving as “Content Curators” for each category to help build and maintain theset of materials. The Content Curator (either an individual or a small team of 2-3
individuals) should be deeply interested in that content area but do not need to be a subject matter expert. Content Curators will gather, solicit, and in some cases write and edit
materials for that category. 

  • Assessment - Trent Kennedy
  • Diversity and Inclusion - Staci Rucker
  • Legal/Regulatory/Compliance Issues - Geraldine Muir
  • Mental Health and Wellness - Jordana Confino, Naomi Hatton
  • Supporting Special Populations - Barbara Landress
  • Professional Development for Law Student Affairs Professionals - Melodye Mac Alpine
  • Working Collaboratively Across Campus - Angela D'Agostino
  • Wellness For Us - Rebekah Grodsky


Want to Contribute?

The following sections do not currently have a Content Curator: 

  • Advising and Communicating with Students
  • Academic Success and Bar Prep.
  • Bar Admission
  • Graduation/Commencement
  • Orientation
  • Scholarship, Research & Teaching
  • Student Conduct
  • Student Leadership and Professional Development
  • Student Organizations
  • Technology


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