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Board of Directors – Election Process

The NALSAP Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of law school student affairs professionals. The Board meets three times annually in October, January, and March to oversee strategic planning, organizational leadership, and finances. Executive officers include the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Each serves a one year term. Six Regional and At-Large Representatives serving staggered two-year terms complete the eleven person Board.


Election Cycle


  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Odd Years:

  • Northeast Regional Representative
  • South Regional Representative
  • Midwest Regional Representative

Even Years:

  • West Regional Representative
  • At-Large Representative
  • At-Large Representative


Election Timeline

NALSAP’s Nominating Committee is convened by the Immediate Past President. This Committee is composed of at least two Board members and at least two regular members. A call for volunteers email is sent to all current NALSAP members inviting them to apply to serve on this Committee.

The Nominating Committee prepares and sends a call for nominations email to all current NALSAP members with guidelines and the nomination form. Members may either self-nominate or nominate others. Nominations should be made with consideration for geographical distribution, diversity of types of schools represented, difference in type of job held by advisors, and level of experience. Nominations should also aim to make the Board a diverse body based on gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The Nominating Committee secures the consent of those nominated and prepares the slate of nominees.

Slate of nominees is announced via email by the Nominating Committee and members vote electronically via the NALSAP members-only community.

The Nominating Committee Chair informs all candidates, the Board of Directors, and NALSAP members of the results.

New Board members are introduced during the NALSAP Business Meeting at the Annual Conference and take office on July 1.


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